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KC Nutrition Coach

Nutrition and Wellness  Coaching

The KC Nutrition Coach Approach

A Lasting Approach to Health and Fitness

Committed to forming relationships with clients looking to improve their health and fitness, I am always there for guidance and to reinforce healthy lifestyle habits. I personalize all coaching sessions to you and your lifestyle. Unlike fad diets and rigid meal plans I educate you on nutrition and wellness and help to keep you on track when you aren't feeling motivated. Changing your lifestyle will change your life!

Are you looking to make a change?  Browse through the site to see the services offered to help you achieve your goals.

Colorful Food

Nutrition Coaching

Success is in Reach

Nutrition and Wellness

Better Decisions

Stop obsessing about food and start living the life you want. Let me teach you how to eat well and be fit. Whatever your current diet is, I carefully evaluate each client and formulate a personalized plan based on your specific needs. So if you're looking to change your lifestyle to change your life, book a FREE Discovery Call or book your initial consultation!

Eating Salad
Gluten Free

Medical Nutrition Therapy

The Guidance You Need

Do you have high cholesterol? Diabetes? Celiac disease? I am licensed to counsel on medical nutrition and disease and can help you understand what diet is right for your condition. I am a trained FODMAP dietitian through Monash University for those with IBS. Although I do not take insurance, I keep my prices affordable. I meet virtually (via phone or Zoom)

Corporate Wellness

A Healthier Workplace

I am committed to sharing my nutrition knowledge and healthy tips to help you engage, educate and motivate your team in the workplace. Learn how we can work together for your next event. Whether it's a presentation, lunch-and-learn, cooking class or one-on-one nutrition coaching, I am here to meet your needs and to help improve productivity.

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"Associate with people who are likely to improve you"


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